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We offer expert, impartial advice on all aspects of heritage within the planning process, if necessary negotiating on your behalf with local planning authorities and government agencies.  We can prepare pre-purchase and pre-determination archaeological risk assessments, design and manage large and small-scale archaeological projects and develop and monitor strategies for the management of archaeological remains, in a wide range of environments.

We undertake a wide range of desk-based pre-planning studies, including heritage statements and heritage asset impact assessments, and can provide heritage-related input into the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments.

Historic buildings are our speciality.  Work on historic structures may involve pre-application assessment, undertaken to inform the planning process, or recording of a building prior to refurbishment, conversion or demolition.  It may be focused on part of a structure, or a large group of related buildings.  At the core of most projects is preparation of a detailed photographic and drawn survey of the structures concerned, supported by historical research.  Our expertise in historic buildings covers a wide range of structures including farms, houses of all sizes, public houses, churches, hospitals, transport, industrial and military buildings.

Intrusive investigation may be required to determine the presence and nature of buried heritage assets prior to development, or to investigate and ‘preserve by record’ any heritage assets present before or during development.  While we do not have the resources to undertake large intrusive projects we are happy to consider small-scale site works (typically watching briefs - see below) and can advise on suitable contractors for projects where excavating plant and numbers of site staff may be required.
Watching briefs are undertaken on sites where it is possible that buried heritage assets may be disturbed or destroyed during development.  Groundworks are observed by an experienced archaeologist, and any significant heritage assets revealed are investigated and recorded.
Trial trenching or test pitting involves investigation of a sample area of a development site to establish the extent, character and date of any buried heritage assets likely to be affected by the development.  The results of this investigation will determine the need for any further archaeological work.